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When In BlackHole Even Eating Becomes A Challenge If You Have Bad Kismat

Whats common between between David Cameron the Prime Minister of United Kingdom and Vultures ?

Well ofcourse not the long neck, wings, or ability to fly high in sky. But soft spot for deceased pigs.
This poor little long neck scavenger, got the lesson for life, when his head got stuck in the arsehole BLACK-HOLE of dead pig, as you can see in the video vulture is trying hard to escape the powerful Gravity Of Black Hole while have a gorgeous looks at probably SINGULARITY, I am curious if he found the similar view as Matthew McConaughey aka Cooper found in popular Sci-Fi movie Interstellar.

Vultures do not have strong beaks, which means that when they come across an animal with hide too tough to break, they take the back way.

Yes, up the butt…
Now sit back and enjoy the Video and make sure to grab popcorns.

Near Death Experience Drone Video Proves How Dangerous Flesh Floods Are


Human love outdoor adventure's like we baboons do, but do you know. We baboon's are still stuck in the stage of evolution, where our bodies are perfectly designed to perform dangerous tasks in unforgiving Jungle's life, while human body evolved to perform an play video games :D

Well bunch of adventure loving human hikers, went to explore the Jungle's of Hawaii and got stuck in the path of oncoming badass Flesh Floods path. Whole incident was captured on camera attached to Drone which was being controlled by probably heavily sweating human. Anyways let put the humor aside and focus on what we learned from this video.

  1. Nature is merciless killer.
  2. You've less time to think to make your move.
  3. Running like a bitch might not be bravest manly thing, but might save your life one day.
  4. Jungle sometime's throw more on you, then you can chew.
  5. When going for a Trip to Jungle, make sure to ask Drone Loving friend, who know what you might capture.
  6. Before going to risky trips like these, do watch the survival Episodes of Man verses wild.
  7. Last of all you are Human, so do not think, you can act as good as we baboons in Jungle :P
Gladly everyone was safe to share such an awesome video with all earthlings.

Image Source : link

Vladimir Putin Entered A Submarine And Triggered Photoshop Wars

We baboon's constantly talk about this badass human called Vladimir Putin who is very popular among humans too. Many humans see him as a scary person who is master of many things.

But many people hate him too, so recently humans started using a tool called Photoshop which is considered to be the weapon of mass destruction. and using that WMD people have given funny touch ups to Vladimir Putin's viral images, which is now on its way to break Internet.

 Original Image 


1. Fisher Price submarine concept by 'blue_awning'


2. Putin's Dark Alliance concept by 'workingat7'


3. Agent Frog 007 concept by 'admancb'

4. Agent Frog with Supreme Leader concept by 'Gallowboob'

5. Sadimir Putin concept by 'admancb'

6. The Dino Killer concept by 'SuperGMoff'

7. Putin's Candy Love concept by 'graphleek'

8. Mr. Vladimir PuTit's concept by 'itsokayyoucanlaugh'

9. When boss takes you on a walk concept by 'Danirama'

10. Supreme Leader hates Trump concept by 'moosenaslon'

11. Bubble is about to burst concept by 'RedactedTitan'

12. Its Illegal in Putinland 

13. Putin will fix you toilet concept by 'MagnusRobot'

14. He's here to set SeaLings Free

15. Billionaire Putin concept by 'ScummyWallows'

 FACT:  Do you know, Meme of Vladimir Putin are banned in Russia.

Source : Reddit

Conspiracy Theorists Believe This UNICEF Commercial Is Alien Disclosure

After the discovery of earth 2.0 and emergency meeting between NASA and SETI, this video have have sent conspiracy theorists into deep frenzy.

According to conspiracy theorists world government's are preparing and testing the general public aka humans for Alien Disclosure, which will happen soon as Earth 2.0 aka Kepler 452B, is discovered which might have intelligent aliens far more advanced then humans.

UNICEF is an international program under the United Nations that “provides long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries.”
Anyways while humans are going crazy after the discovery of Aliens, We baboons are not so excited living with Alien Humans :P

Interstellar Movie Style Drone Rescue Operation Using Another Drone - EPICNESS LEVEL 100

Interstellar Movie Style Drone Rescue Operation Using Another Drone
Source: Harrisen Howes
This video is so awesome, that its hard to express my feelings in words. To be very honest, I almost started crying while watching this Drone Rescue Operation.

Creator of this video basically added the Interstellar Movie's music in background, which was played when Cooper tries to attach the space ship to Endurance and rescue the asses of both earthlings. That moment was very emotional so as this video ;)

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Turkish Pilot PLUS F-16 EQUALS TO 4km Altitude In 20 Seconds (VIDEO)

turkish pilot plus f-16 equals to 4km altitude in 20 seconds thumbnail
Image Source : Youtube/ Murat ÖZPALA

Just like all crazy awesome videos humans shoot, this video was also shot at BadAss GoPro, In this video you can see Turkish human test pilot taking F-16 to 4km high in total of 45 seconds, from which actual flight time was 20 seconds.

I hope someday Glorious Race of Baboons will have fun like this, till then we all have to wait and appreciate the Turkish test pilot Murat Keles for making this Video.

Someone Flew Drone Over These Pyramids Which Are Unknown To Majority Of Humans

When we think about Pyramids, the first picture we get in our mind is Egyptian Pyramids. But do you know Egypt is not the only place in African continent, which have Beautiful Pyramids, This war torn country called Sudan located almost in middle of Africa, also have amazing pyramids which are atleast 3,000 years old and untouched from very long time.

These Pyramids were built by Nubian c
ivilisation, there are some 255 of these are located in three known sites dotted across the Sudanese desert.

This is first time the National Geographic guys took their drone's to film these Sudanese Pyramids from sky and final video is just badass awesome.

These Guys Attached GoPro's To Fighter Jets And Result Is Awesome

No doubt humans enjoy the inventions they've made, sometimes these same inventions bring death or sometimes peace. But in exceptional cocktail of creative humans flying these inventions, can bring amazing results.

As shown in this video, 35th Fighter squadron pilots are having fun over Alaska, where they can be seen practicing Low-level flying, high g-load maneuvering, air combat, live firing, aerial refueling.

I being a baboon, specially liked Low-level flying above cloud cover, while you can still see mountain peaks on horizon and flying fast between mountain peaks. That moment gave me goosebumps so strong that being covered in hair, i started looking like a fluffy ball.

What She Did To Her Boobs Will Blow You Away


In a world were getting attention is becoming harder and harder these days, this cute and Genius Youtuber have found a hack to help and inspire countless females. But watching this simple DIY tutorial many of you can also learn that, you don't have to break your bank to have Bigger Boobs.

Her name is
Stacey Brennan, who make all kind of video's ranging from
Makeup Tutorials to food she cooks.

Many of you might not agree with what she did, but believe me there are countless people, who need confidence boost and this is one of countless things, which many females wish for themselves.

She did this video, after countless request's by her dedicated viewers for tutorial to show how she makes her breast's look the way it does.

In-fact, according to recent study in year 2013, in US alone more then 300,000 breast augmentation were performed.

Don't mind for the post thumbnail, you know how hard it is these days to get people to read posts, I know it was little pervertish act of me being baboon, maybe this is why many human call me Brat Baboon

This Dude Made 40W Laser Gun And Officially Started Space War

Source: styropyro

This 22 year old have officially triggered the era of Space War, with this badass laser gun he made in backyard. Now all we need is green alien to fight and see how well this DIY WMD works.

Internet is calling it Shotgun 2.0, which i think, will look amazing in the hand's of Terminator :D

The massive diode array is powered by a huge lithium polymer battery pack (capable up dumping 250A) and the laser array is regulated by a whopping 24 LM317 drivers.

This IS What Humans Will Face On Planet Mars If Things Go Bad

According to upcoming, Sci-fi movie "The Martian", Mars is cold, red, very far & a hellish place to live on. So if first humans wants to set foot on red planet, this film will surely scare away 99% of the human jumping in joy to become Martians from Earthlings, because according them some, Earth is a very bad place to live on these days (I hope you get it, what i mean).


"The Martian" is about struggle of "Astronaut Mark Watney" which is beautifully played by actor "Matt Damon" who also beautifully played an A**hole astronaut in "Interstellar Movie", well in "The Martian" Earthlings comes together (Spl. American's and Chinese) to save "Astronaut Mark Watney", who was left behind on Mars, when Ares 3 mission crew was forced to abort after fierce storm. Mark Watney somehow survived, to tell his story, how he became first human to farm on planet Mars to longest driving human on Mars.

So sit tight and enjoy the "Trailer of The Martian".

In Theaters - November, 2015

Cast: Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig, Jeff Daniels, Michael Peña, Kate Mara, Sean Bean, Sebastian Stan, Aksel Hennie, and Chiwetel Ejiofor

What The Hell Is This Alien Creature From Worst Nightmares

Image Source : Link
Only humans are bold enough to pick strange creature's in their hands and let them poo or vomit strange stuff on their hands. EEEEEE......
After watching this nightmarish video, which was captured by a Thailand based Youtuber, I was questioning should, I google this creepy alien dude to see, if there is any information available on him, but then i noticed description below the video :D, which say's the insanely scary-looking creature is a phylum Nemertea, otherwise known as a ribbon worm.

According to Wikipedia, ribbon worms are “very slim, usually only a few millimeters wide, although a few have relatively short but wide bodies. Many have patterns of yellow, orange, red and green coloration.”

While most ribbon worms live at the bottom of the sea, a few species live in fresh water, while a dozen or so make their home on land. So basically, we need to burn the Earth down.