How These Men Reacted After Hearing A Girl Being Raped In A Parked Car Will Leave You Speechless

It's not hidden from anyone, how women are treated across globe. But it seems INDIA tops the list for shameful crime like rapes, last month world got shocked when two teenage girls of lower caste were found hanged after gang-rape in North-Indian state Uttar Pradesh.

Image courtesy : YesNoMaybe

According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) Uttar Pradesh is worst state in terms of law and order, NCRB data reveled that only 1.8 lakh police personnel are available to take care of 21 crore population of Uttar Pradesh.

In a social experiment, the team at YesNoMaybe hired a Family Van with tinted window (which are banned across India) and parked it in a secluded area. Pre-recorded audio byte mimicking the situation of rape was then played in rigged Family Van, as someone gets near van.

How many men reacted to help will leave you speechless.