Innovation Of The Year - Recycled Suitcase Scooter

Who thought one day we humans might be able to drive "Suitcase Scooter". Mr. He Liangcai who is a framer turned inventor created a derivable electric scooter made out of recycled suitcases. Scooter can reach 12 mph and weights 15 pounds.

When few image's went viral of Mr. Liangcai driving his awesome Suitcase scooter, internet went crazy. Then few days later video went viral (which you can see below) in which Mr. Liangcai can be see enjoying the ride on maybe the innovation of the year. Many question arose like : Why a Suitcase ? Can whole scooter be packed back into that Suitcase ? How much does it cost ? How much time it took you to develop this scooter ? But video below answers them all.


 $600 to $4,800 - Depending on models
 GPS & Burglar Alarm
Top Speed
 12 mph / 19.31 kmh
 15 Pounds
Max Range
 37 Miles / 59.5 Km
 6 Hours