Heaven On Earth For Elephants In Kerala India (Video)

If you guys have not heard of Kerala yet, me aka Brat baboon will tell you few awesome things about Kerala. Before taking you to the video, why Kerala is actually heaven for elephants.

  • Indians call Kerala "Gods own country".
  • Kerala is the first state in India to reach 100% literacy rate.
  • Kerala in the native language, Malayalam means “Land of coconuts.
  • Kerala is the only state in India where Ayurveda is still a main stream medicine. There're Ayurveda medical colleges and hospitals across the state.
  • Female to male sex ratio is highest in India.
  • Life expectancy rate in Kerala is the highest in India.
  • Kerala is a state where you can see Asian elephants very commonly. Elephants are entwined with Kerala’s culture from ancient times.
  • Kerala's map actually looks like and vegetable called Karela.

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