Weird UFO Sightings In Last Two Months

weird ufo sightings in last two months
First Sighting is from Youtube User "Aurigae 77", which says this video was shot by US Marines in Afghanistan which is popular for War on Terror against Islamists, but this video tells a different story where we humans are actually fighting advance galactic alien forces.

Wondering why aliens choose Afghanistan on first place.... :D 

Second Video is from Youtube User "UfoUnion", which says "Excavator Boris Glazkov, in Russia have dug up a bizarre object that exactly looks like a UFO.

The object was discovered by a coal mining company in Siberia's Kuznetsk Basin, during excavation work..."

Third Video is also from Youtube User "UfoUnion", which say's it was shot in Sri Lankan Festival.

Forth Sighting is from Youtube User "thirdphaseofmoon", which says UFO Sightings Puerto Angel Mexico Caught By Javier Garcia with a group of friends visiting the coastal region spot unusual Cloud Formations Then The Incredible Happens! Shot Late January 2014!

Fifth Sighting is from Youtube User "UFOVNI", which say it was shot in Vancouver, Canada on Feb 10th, 2015. As you can see in video a UFO comes out of lake creating strong splash and escaping quickly toward sky.

Sixth Sighting or should i say combination of sightings compiled in one video is from Youtube User "Ufomania 2015", This video have multiple video sightings combined in one video and locations are not disclosed. So its hard to verify if this video is real or not.