What The Hell Is This Alien Creature From Worst Nightmares

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Only humans are bold enough to pick strange creature's in their hands and let them poo or vomit strange stuff on their hands. EEEEEE......
After watching this nightmarish video, which was captured by a Thailand based Youtuber, I was questioning should, I google this creepy alien dude to see, if there is any information available on him, but then i noticed description below the video :D, which say's the insanely scary-looking creature is a phylum Nemertea, otherwise known as a ribbon worm.

According to Wikipedia, ribbon worms are “very slim, usually only a few millimeters wide, although a few have relatively short but wide bodies. Many have patterns of yellow, orange, red and green coloration.”

While most ribbon worms live at the bottom of the sea, a few species live in fresh water, while a dozen or so make their home on land. So basically, we need to burn the Earth down.