Vladimir Putin Entered A Submarine And Triggered Photoshop Wars

We baboon's constantly talk about this badass human called Vladimir Putin who is very popular among humans too. Many humans see him as a scary person who is master of many things.

But many people hate him too, so recently humans started using a tool called Photoshop which is considered to be the weapon of mass destruction. and using that WMD people have given funny touch ups to Vladimir Putin's viral images, which is now on its way to break Internet.

 Original Image 


1. Fisher Price submarine concept by 'blue_awning'


2. Putin's Dark Alliance concept by 'workingat7'


3. Agent Frog 007 concept by 'admancb'

4. Agent Frog with Supreme Leader concept by 'Gallowboob'

5. Sadimir Putin concept by 'admancb'

6. The Dino Killer concept by 'SuperGMoff'

7. Putin's Candy Love concept by 'graphleek'

8. Mr. Vladimir PuTit's concept by 'itsokayyoucanlaugh'

9. When boss takes you on a walk concept by 'Danirama'

10. Supreme Leader hates Trump concept by 'moosenaslon'

11. Bubble is about to burst concept by 'RedactedTitan'

12. Its Illegal in Putinland 

13. Putin will fix you toilet concept by 'MagnusRobot'

14. He's here to set SeaLings Free

15. Billionaire Putin concept by 'ScummyWallows'

 FACT:  Do you know, Meme of Vladimir Putin are banned in Russia.

Source : Reddit