Near Death Experience Drone Video Proves How Dangerous Flesh Floods Are


Human love outdoor adventure's like we baboons do, but do you know. We baboon's are still stuck in the stage of evolution, where our bodies are perfectly designed to perform dangerous tasks in unforgiving Jungle's life, while human body evolved to perform an play video games :D

Well bunch of adventure loving human hikers, went to explore the Jungle's of Hawaii and got stuck in the path of oncoming badass Flesh Floods path. Whole incident was captured on camera attached to Drone which was being controlled by probably heavily sweating human. Anyways let put the humor aside and focus on what we learned from this video.

  1. Nature is merciless killer.
  2. You've less time to think to make your move.
  3. Running like a bitch might not be bravest manly thing, but might save your life one day.
  4. Jungle sometime's throw more on you, then you can chew.
  5. When going for a Trip to Jungle, make sure to ask Drone Loving friend, who know what you might capture.
  6. Before going to risky trips like these, do watch the survival Episodes of Man verses wild.
  7. Last of all you are Human, so do not think, you can act as good as we baboons in Jungle :P
Gladly everyone was safe to share such an awesome video with all earthlings.

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