When In BlackHole Even Eating Becomes A Challenge If You Have Bad Kismat

Whats common between between David Cameron the Prime Minister of United Kingdom and Vultures ?

Well ofcourse not the long neck, wings, or ability to fly high in sky. But soft spot for deceased pigs.
This poor little long neck scavenger, got the lesson for life, when his head got stuck in the arsehole BLACK-HOLE of dead pig, as you can see in the video vulture is trying hard to escape the powerful Gravity Of Black Hole while have a gorgeous looks at probably SINGULARITY, I am curious if he found the similar view as Matthew McConaughey aka Cooper found in popular Sci-Fi movie Interstellar.

Vultures do not have strong beaks, which means that when they come across an animal with hide too tough to break, they take the back way.

Yes, up the butt…
Now sit back and enjoy the Video and make sure to grab popcorns.